The Rosita Trust was launched in 2011 in memory of Polly Renton and her daughter, Rosita Fenwick Wilson,
to continue Polly’s ground-breaking media work in Africa.


The Rosita Trust

The Rosita Trust was launched in May 2011 to commemorate Polly and Sita.

The Trust is administered under the trusteeship of Polly's family and friends. A media development charity, the Trust is fortunate to have as its patrons filmmaker, Lord David Puttnam, and veteran broadcasters, David Dimbleby and Sir David Frost.

Polly in Kenya

In 2001 Polly arrived in Kenya as a young television director making documentaries for Channel 4.

She was frustrated by what she saw on Kenyan television – soap operas, re-runs of old sitcoms, chat shows and poor local news programming. She felt that Kenyans deserved better, and asked the Ford Foundation to fund a one-off television training project aimed at giving Kenyans a democratic say in the running of their country.

She decided to make her life in Kenya and started the first training for MEDEVA (Media Development in Africa) in her own rented cottage.

Aims of the Trust

The charity is focused on media development and ethical journalism.

A decade after she arrived in Kenya, the NGO that Polly set up, MEDEVA, continues to flourish. Over two hundred young people from East Africa have now been trained on its intensive TV and Radio Programme, winning a clutch of awards.

The Trust will continue to identify and afford young Africans an opportunity to have a voice, often in adversity, through filmmaking and radio. This is what Polly did, and would have continued to do.