Our next fundraising event will be the Second Rosita Trust Midsummer Festival on 21-23 June 2013!
More details to follow here and on our Facebook page.


Midsummer Festival

Very simply….it was fabulous.  Go to the photos page to see pics from the wonderful weekend. And view the video here.





Glyndebourne Fundraiser

On a positively equatorial Saturday in early October, the Rosita Trust held a concert of opera arias at Glyndebourne.

Thanks to the artists: Matthew Rose (Bass), Ainhoa Garmendia (soprano) Toby Spence (Tenor) Duncan Williams (piano) who gave so generously of their time and to Gus Christie and all the staff at Glyndebourne for helping make it happen.

It raised a staggering further £15000 for the Trust and was superbly organised by Alice Renton.

MEDEVA tribute to Polly

MEDEVA produced a short tribute film for Polly which was screened at the Trust launch event in London in May 2011 and subsequently at the fundraiser at Glyndebourne.  Running time 7’29”.





“Not A Proper Polar Bear” by Polly Renton & Belu

Polly and her dear friend, Belu, artist, architect and illustrator, were in Ulu enjoying a sundowner and a joke about a young polar bear one day and Belugi was born.


They refined and reworked the message into a charming children’s book which has now been published by the Rosita Trust in a beautiful, limited, clothbound edition of three hundred copies.  Copies are available for sale at £35 (incl. p&p).  Please contact the Trust and we will take payment and arrange delivery.


Trust Launch 2011

The Trust was launched on 25 May 2011 during a wonderful evening at the Westminster Boating Base overlooking the Thames, full of family, friends and colleagues.

The evening’s main event was an auction which defied all expectation. Around £ 30,000 was bid in total for a magnificent selection of donated lots.

One of the many highlights was the extraordinary tribute given by Jason Nyantino, MEDEVA’s CEO.  These are a few words from his longer speech.

“It is not common for somebody to travel thousands of miles to a new land with a singular mission of creating opportunity and promise to hapless young people.”

“It is not common for somebody to dedicate one’s life empowering young people with high-level media production skills for social transformation.  Yet for Polly Renton, this is what she did: merging talent and opportunity for hundreds of young people across Africa giving them not just something to live on, but something to live for.  The hundreds of young people that Polly trained and inspired are now producing public interest television and radio programmes in several African countries drawing massive audiences.  The impact of these programmes is immeasurable.

“Polly knew that if it was time to inspire, she gave inspiration; if it was time to give skills, she gave generously, and if it was time to offer leadership, she led from the front.

“Tonight, we celebrate a true steward of media empowerment in Africa.  A steward who believed in a strong, independent, and professional media for the people of Africa.

“There can be no better way to celebrate Polly Renton’s life than remaining faithful to the ideals that she stood for.  As a teacher, she impacted on generations to come and as a mentor, she laid the foundation brick for a media that continues to play a central role in Africa’s democracy.”