Funds raised by the Rosita Trust will be channeled primarily into MEDEVA.
Additionally, the Trust is supporting SAFE (Sponsored Arts for Education).



MEDEVA has now been operating as an NGO for over a decade and continues to flourish. Over two hundred young people from East Africa have been trained in its intensive TV and Radio training programme. They have won a clutch of awards, including CNN African Journalist of the Year and BBC World Service News Journalist of the year. They now work in the region as producers, reporters and cameramen, carrying on Polly’s principle of ethical television and radio programme making.

The £8000 raised at the Midsummer Festival in 2012 has been donated to MEDEVA to to fund an investigative documentary into corruption and integrity issues around election financing, to enlighten the Kenyan electorate as they prepare to vote in March 2013.

Jason Nyantino, MEDEVA CEO

“The country is quickly catching the election fever and politicians are busy mobilizing resources for their election machine. Campaign fundraising has been a big issue here because most politicians use unscrupulous means to fundraise and this breeds corruption once some of them win elective posts because they have to pay back (irregular tenders/job offers, kickbacks, bribes, etc) whoever financed their campaigns. The documentary will air on a major TV station and we will dovetail it for radio as well with the possibility of rolling it out on some radio stations.”

Over 100 people have been killed in Kenya in the last month and thousands more forced to flee their homes in the Tana Delta, Coast Province; one cabinet minister has recently been sacked, accused of inciting conflict in the region, raising fears that the elections in March next year could again be violent. Meanwhile Kenya’s current Deputy Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, a former cabinet minister, William Ruto, and two other Kenyans are due to go on trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in April 2013 on charges of crimes against humanity arising from the 2007/2008 post election violence. For more information please visit or read MEDEVA’s newsletters.


Read MEDEVA’s two recent newsletters.

SAFE (Sponsored Arts for Education)

SAFE is another project that was close to Polly’s heart which will receive funding from the Rosita Trust in 2012. SAFE uses the performing arts to inspire and lead social change.  Through theatre, film, and music, SAFE addresses a wide range of issues, including Peace Building, Female Genital Mutilation, HIV, and the Environment, working with local partners to embed skills for sustaining change in an uplifting, entertaining and transformative manner. Having won numerous international awards for their HIV awareness film, “Ndoto za elibidi”, which Polly had a hand in editing, the Rosita Trust will be assisting with production funding for SAFE’s latest dramatic venture, “Ni Sisi”, a Peace Play that draws on the experiences of victims of the post-election violence in the Rift Valley in 2008. For more information, please visit